'10' A Short Film

Kate and Tom can't stop staring at each other. Neither of them knows what to say.

Tom smiles, Kate cries.

Tom speaks, Kate crumbles.

This is the happiest she has been in two and a half years.

But Tom is dead. And they only have 9 minutes left.

‘10’ is a short film, exploring grief.


Two and a half years after his sudden death, Tom and Kate are about to be reunited.


Desperate to feel his touch and aching to hear his voice, Kate prepares herself to see the man she has loved and lost stand in front of her again for one last time.


But what if it isn’t like before? Can she face saying goodbye to him all over again?


10’ investigates our relationship with death and our struggle to accept finality. It is a heartfelt look at the fragility and impending terminality of our relationships, as well as the dangers of advancing science stepping too close to our undeniable humanity.

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