A note from our
artistic Director



I'm Adam, the Artistic Director of WildChild; a crazy, creative adventure that is only just beginning. I'm overwhelmed with ideas already, I’ve eaten a couple (boxes of) chocolate bars and I'm just about ready for bed. But it's been a great first day...


Chocolate bars aside, welcome to what I hope is the start of a really great company. You will already have read of our dreams and aspirations on our 'About Us' page, so I won't repeat myself. Instead, what I will tell you, is what is happening now and how you can become involved.


Over the next couple of years we have ambitious goals: to establish ourselves as exciting, professional storytellers within the theatre and film community. In 2018, we are on track to producing our very first public production, an imaginative piece of children’s theatre, adapted from a popular story written by a famous children’s author.


But that's another story for another time......


We are also going into Research and Development for an immersive, verbatim project that we are very excited about, and producing our very first short film in February.


                                     More information about these projects will become available on our website as

                                     soon as we can announce them, so keep checking back or subscribe to our mailing

                                     list on our homepage for all the latest developments.


As a company we are always looking to hear from new storytellers that we haven't worked with before,  in any capacity. Maybe you're an actor, actress, a writer, director, producer, movement coach, camera op, DOP, whatever, whoever! If you have a story to tell or want to help us on our upcoming projects, please get in touch. All our details are on the 'Contact Us' page.


We have an exciting and wonderfully exhausting year ahead of us. We can’t wait to go on this huge, adventurous learning curve and hopefully, tell some marvellous stories along the way.


Thanks for listening!




Artistic Director