WildChild Productions is a new company of theatre and film-makers dedicated to telling compelling, meaningful & imaginative stories to all generations.

WildChild Productions was founded in 2017 by Artistic Director, Adam Small. Originally from the leafy fields of Cheshire, where Lewis Carroll and Elizabeth Gaskell also lived and found inspiration, Adam moved to London in 2011 to begin training as an actor, at RADA and Mountview.


Upon graduating Adam he won the acclaimed Gyearbuor Asante Prize for Acting, awarded to somebody ‘who is likely to make an unforgettable mark on the acting scene.’ Coupled with the prize was a generous £1000 grant which Adam used to establish WildChild and his journey of storytelling began.

       Humans are biologically hard-wired for storytelling. Since caveman started scratching pictures on walls we have used storytelling as way to share our experiences, understand one another, share knowledge and build connections.

We are a company of creatives with numerous artistic outputs. Our fascination with human experiences and our captivation with storytelling encourages us to find new ways of presenting engaging and innovative works to capture an audience's imagination.


Whether it’s a piece of children's' theatre, or maybe it is gig theatre or a short film, the only thing we're committed to is creating a world that entertains, educates and challenges our audience, whoever they are.

Ultimately our goal is to encapsulate human experiences and recreate all that makes us human into a work of art. We want to spark debate, get our audiences to connect with each other, encourage inward inspection, comfort and grow.



“Listen, and you will realise that we are made not from cells or from atoms.

We are made from stories.”

Mia Couto

Photography credit to David Monteith-Hodge.